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We provide a powerful text message-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for recruiters who want to automate their work and find great talent faster.

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Gone are the days of long, drawn-out recruitment processes with countless disorganized files, communications, and appointments for each candidate. Nowadays, recruiters are under greater pressure than ever and need technology that automates and streamlines their work end-to-end.

RecruitDrip is a text-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) developed especially for small businesses. This system can be used seamlessly across the web, Android, and iOS. With gold star deliverability and best-in-class user experience, RecruitDrip users can leverage the power of automation to speed up the search for great talent.

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Voices from our Clients About Our Website

  • Philip Portman

    “The platform is excellent for small businesses to help supplement open requisitions to fill. They have some great videos and articles to help you along the way. They have a Facebook group that has the potential to be a great way to get updates. They also have a section where you can offer yourself gig work.”

    Philip Portman

    Philip Portman

    Chief Executive Officer of Textdrip
  • Dhaval Gajjar

    “Customer service is top-notch. They are willing to help with any and all issues. The technicians are fantastic at making difficult topics to understand, understandable. They are willing to serve in any capacity needed and always have done so joyfully.”

    Dhaval Gajjar

    Dhaval Gajjar

    Chief Technology Officer of We Technolabs